Use Case

Use case digital onboarding

In the use case digital application process you can read how we implemented a fully digital customer experience and an automated credit decision in just a few steps with our software solutions for one of our customers. Here is a short summary of the project, the complete use case can be downloaded below:

Medium-sized private bank needed: 

  • a completely digital application process
  • higher conversion rates, automated credit decisions
  • cost-efficient case processing

We delivered:
The standardized digital onboarding with automated application review and decision, thanks to the connection of fintus’ FinTech partners centrally managed products as well as product terms and conditions in combination with our client’s individual scorecard in the fintus suite, the 360° matter processing cockpit for non-automated credit decisions.

We achieved:

  • the paperless fully digital application process
  • a lower time-to-market for product developments
  • the strengthening of the bank’s competitiveness

    70-80% automated approvals 

    < 5 minutes processing time of yellow cases
    up to 80 % resource savings

Download the complete use case here:

use case dob teaser