Towards a digital future in just 6 months

fintus Suite – the process and transformation platform for the financial sector

fintus’ enterprise software platform digitises, transforms and automates your company’s business processes faster than ever before – from the application and approval process to fully automated operations. Developed for the new generation of financial institutions.

Increase conversion rates – minimise process costs

With our Digital Onboarding

  • Digital contract conclusion
    Transform limited opening hours into a 24-hour service.
  • Fast, paperless and legally secure
    Prospective customers are legitimised and won over by digital eIDAS-compliant solutions.
  • Flexible look & feel
    The frontend can be adapted to your corporate design.
  • Enquiry reporting and tracking
    Monitor bounce rates and the entire customer journey.
fintus Digitale Antragsstrecke
fintus Benutzer-Frontend

One user frontend for all activities

Situational consolidation and verification of information –
with the graphical User Frontend for processing

  • Save resources
    By eliminating the need to switch between applications and create an interface for each process, time-consuming work steps become obsolete.
  • Standardise processes
    Standardise your processes and provide required information at any time.
  • Increase customer and dealer satisfaction
    Your customers receive information faster and benefit from shorter processing times.
  • Retain classic back-end systems
    Core banking systems, ERP, CRM and DMS are integrated while outdated interfaces are replaced.

The easy way to digitise input data

By using Artificial Intelligence in your Input Management

  • Massive reduction in processing and testing times
    Because OCR reads, understands and compares everything equally as well as a clerk.
  • Efficient fraud prevention
    All contracts and documents are checked against the entire set of rules to identify and rule out fraud scenarios as early as possible.
  • Quality improvement through additional clearing
    Anything not automatically recognised by OCR is resolved by staff in the clearing process.
fintus Input-Management

Our prices.
Match any budget

Get started in no time! We implement the fintus Suite as Software as a Service in your company. We operate customer-specific virtualised environments in our German data centres. Regulatory requirements in accordance with the German Banking Act (KWG), MaRisk and BAIT are fulfilled.

Modelling your workflow?
Nobody can do it better than you

By the adaptation of ready-to-use processes –
with no programming knowledge required

  • Easily automate tiresome activities
    Decide for yourself which processes are to run automatically in future.
  • Work on an equal footing
    Your specialist department and internal IT department jointly establish sustainable improvements, and your clerical staff gain valuable know-how.
  • Integrate external and internal IT services
    By means of BPM and corresponding interfaces, internal software applications and the latest FinTechs can be easily integrated into processes and decisions.
  • Achieve optimum transparency:
    See which processes are running and in which way, and improve them sustainably.
Workflow Modellierung BPMN 2.0
fintus Automatisierter Dialog

Seamless communication rather than hearsay

Through customisable text modules and automated e-mails

  • Central communication via fintus Suite
    Time-consuming searches for templates or the right words become a thing of the past.
  • Access to stored master and contract data
    All important data is now bundled.
  • Central template management:
    Stored letters and text modules are used automatically according to the situation, and supplemented as required with forms and attachments.
  • Audit-proof archiving
    Communication and attachments are stored directly after sending.

Standard-setting customer service

With own customer frontends: mobile app and web platform

  • Improved customer experience
    Self-service is perceived positively by your customers, and work steps are transferred.
  • Excellent image quality of important documents
    Easily achievable with the practical mobile app.
  • At-a-glance overview
    In combination with fintus Suite, you have a detailed insight into all processes – from your financial institution to your customer.
  • Individually configurable
    Everything from the platform to the database converges in one place.
fintus Kunden-Frontend
fintus Plattform

Always ahead of the times

Our platform integrates innovative partners and provides suitable interfaces

  • Ongoing flexibility
    You decide which connections or partners you wish to include.
  • Consistent security
    fintus’ constant interface maintenance guarantees you a high level of security.
  • Always up to date
    With fintus’ FinTech partners, you are always at the forefront of the latest technology.