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fintus Service Layer

Business APIs form the heart of modern Internet applications. The fintus Suite combines the power of standardised APIs with flexible expandability. Our APIs enable developers to immediately use and integrate the functionalities offered by fintus. This powerful combination provides the foundation for a flexible, scalable, future-proof platform.

fintus Suite is based on cutting edge technologies and architecture concepts. As an object-oriented and feature-rich programming language, Java serves as the basis for the essential components of the executing layer. Data is stored in relational databases, with Microsoft SQL Server and the open source PostgreSQL solution being preferred. Operation takes place flexibly and with low maintenance in Docker containers or classically in Windows and Linux environments.

fintus service layer fintus Suite

Unlimited connectivity and security

  • External systems are connected in the service layer. Existing functionalities for mapping and automating business processes (e.g. core banking systems) are linked preferentially (RESTful).
  • For the synchronisation of master data from existing systems we provide a REST-API that can be connected in both directions. Additional endpoints allow you to validate the integrity of individual data records or the entire inventory.
  • The fintus Suite is designed to integrate the data model of existing system landscapes. The modelling of flat entities including their relationships to each other (n:m, 1:n) via the administration GUI is intended for this purpose.
  • The APIs provided are designed consistently in a RESTful manner. All endpoints comply with technological conventions. The API is provided via OpenAPI specification, thus enabling a simple and partially automated integration with third-party systems.

All the interfaces you could wish for

We are aware that there is no universally applicable method for integrating platforms. That’s why we offer you a variety of ways to interact with the fintus Suite. We provide Java interfaces for various applications, which can be implemented quickly and with maximum flexibility. This allows integration into both reactive and orchestrated architectures. Business functionalities can be exposed via REST APIs. The fintus Suite offers a wide range of ready-to-use business APIs. Using our engine, can be used directly in UIs or generated as exposed services.

Our partners

Technologically, the fintus Suite sees itself as a platform on which business processes are orchestrated and with which existing legacy systems are connected. It is therefore logical to open the platform to third parties. Together with our customers, we select strategically relevant FinTechs and software companies. These partners are seamlessly integrated into the fintus Suite landscape along with their . The shortest onboarding times of the most innovative providers are proof of the technological competence of the fintus Suite.