One interface for all activities

fintus Presentation Layer

Our user interface combines the classic views from ERP, CRM and DMS in a single interface. Instead of distributing work orders manually and researching information, our cockpit provides all the information required to complete a process step.

The individualisation of master and contract data as well as information to be displayed takes place via graphical administration. The frontend is designed to be user-friendly and does not require the installation of 3rd party software or browser plug-ins.

fintus presentation layer fintus Suite

The interface that adapts to your process!

With this central interface, fintus ensures the integration of all available data. The data model, which can be easily customised, uses existing structures or defines its own. The representation is infinitely flexible:

  • Visualisation of contract and master data including relationships to connected entities in a modern UI.
  • Complete integration of the document workflow, including case records, contract files and other flexible constructs.
  • Automated communication by letter, e-mail and chat or manual communication using templates or variable text modules.
  • Room to integrate your own applications into the fintus Suite – all in one interface.

A comprehensive and sophisticated toolkit

Our interface communicates with the service layer via REST API. Every UI function serves predefined service endpoints and enables high integration and remote control. The processes are modelled graphically using the BPMN standard, thus benefitting from the high degree of integration and making it possible to automate business processes within the company. Our frontend is based on the Angular Framework (Version 6). We use state-of-the-art technologies for our interfaces in order to provide users with a modern workplace look and feel.

A great user experience

With our interface we offer:

  • The contemporary UI experience of popular web portals and social media desktops
  • The central integration of all activities + individual recommendations for action to optimise the activities.
  • Freely editable entities via graphical administration interface
  • Comprehensive role, rights and release concept for each function
  • Complex field checks performed by means of (BPMN) service calls
  • Configurable reporting interfaces displaying data (KPI) in real time