Graphic modelling and LowCode instead of large-scale projects

fintus Business Layer

We offer genuine flexibility enabling you to model your processes exactly as they are needed. The initial setups and further modifications can be performed by graphic process modelling. You model in accordance with the international standards BPMN and DMN. In combination with the fintus Suite, the once pure documentation of processes becomes an executable experience.

In this way, processes are transformed from theory into technically executable practice. Changes can be made by IT-savvy departments themselves. The wide range of interfaces and integrable functions allows full administration of the fintus Suite after a minimum of training. fintus thus offers you the state-of-the-art engine for business processes, case management and business rules, providing you with flexible adaptation. Benefit from our experience: Our process library

fintus business layer fintus Suite

Every configuration under control

Changes in configuration can be applied easily across different stages of the development cycle, including acceptance testing and production deployment.
We want to empower our customers to make any necessary configuration changes online without downtime. Business users are delighted by the one-click staging, which includes approval processes and documentation in line with regulatory requirements.

A modular system

Our platform already consists of different modules, each with its own API. Nevertheless, we work continuously to achieve an even better modular principle. This allows us to create standalone products that can easily be linked to external solutions such as CRM systems. A decoupled, self-contained system like this can be scaled completely independently and entirely in accordance with your individual requirements.

bpmn 2.0 Darstellung


The graphic modelling of executable processes

Scenario 1, fintus Suite internal actions

The user or the system can trigger events from the suite’s various components. These events initiate one or more associated BPMN processes. These contain modelled logic, which includes various data sources, such as web services and local databases, as well as the ability to interact with third-party applications.

Scenario 2, fintus Suite external actions

Third party systems can communicate either via standard backend APIs or directly with fintus Suite’s BPMN engine. Suite interactions related to data exchange, the creation or modification of activities, or the enrichment of a business case are common scenarios. The standard APIs are available via OpenAPI/Swagger.