If we were in banking institutions in the film “Matrix”, the screen would be filled with processes rather than numbers and letters. Each activity follows a pattern, a predefined sequence and offers the chance for optimisation.
The basis for this automation was created some years ago with the descriptive language of the international standard BPMN 2.0.┬áThe unique combination of activities, enriched with the available data and connected to different interfaces, enables automation of today’s manual activities.
The fintus Process Orchestrator uniquely combines processes, information and known patterns of action and provides the necessary scope for optimisation. Existing processes are documented, information, documents and data are consolidated at a central location and directed into an automated process. In our world, the bank of today consists of a multitude of interlinked main processes, including the necessary auxiliary processes.
Connecting workflows with a central user interface makes it possible to combine decisions such as a loan decision, a change to the master data or a simple status report in a single GUI and automate them with new processes. This reduces the need for resources for recurring activities and enables you to provide your customers with information more quickly thanks to standardised processes and products.

fintus Process Orchestrator