Point of sale via
mobile phone and app

The point of sale (PoS) is and remains the most important sales channel for the approval of credit in retail banking. In 2019, almost 45% of German instalment loans were concluded in the retail sector*. The main advantages of concluding at the point of sale are the personal customer contact and the opportunity to directly determine the right product for the customer’s individual needs. The bulk of the workload starts with the handling of the procedure, especially processing and checking customer data. The fintus Mobile App can provide substantial relief here by directly digitising customer and contract data on site and performing important identity and credit checks on an ad hoc basis. The fintus software guarantees the quality of the data entered and ensures it can be processed automatically. Customers benefit from the swift approval or rejection of their POS credit and the bank from high-quality data as well as enormous savings in resources thanks to automated processing. (use case)

* Bankenfachverband e.V. (2020). Annual Report of the Banking Association 2019 – sustainability.

Use case