Opening bank
and custody accounts

The opening of an account or switching between banking institutions offers the ideal opportunity to score points when targeting new customers. The onboarding experience, the KYC process and the simplicity of the procedure are key to the heart and loyalty of your customers.
fintus’ digital solution, which handles the paperless application process for private and corporate customers, optimises account opening and creates the conditions for an excellent first impression. Paperless, modern in design with the necessary hint of zeitgeist, the fintus application process keeps interested parties in the process and converts them into customers. Our software’s functionality offers a smooth account opening, eliminates tedious paperwork and shortens the time it takes to open an account to a matter of minutes. The security of your customer data is guaranteed in every step of the process.
Since opening a banking or custody account is a fundamental part of the bank’s operating system, this frees their staff from time-consuming manual processes and allows them to concentrate on more important matters: their customers.

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