The work steps required for incoming mail are often time-consuming and costly, especially for larger financial institutions and service providers. Many tasks here are performed manually by employees. The complexity continues to increase due to the growing number of incoming channels (paper, fax, email, customer portal, chat, etc.). Our digital solutions for input management help you master the challenges relating to the processing of incoming documents.
The aim of the fintus Suite input management solution is to simplify the management of customer data and documents. It is important to classify content promptly or to assign it to a document type and business transaction and to start or enrich the corresponding processes. One objective of fintus’ input management is to achieve automated processing on the basis of data collection as soon as the documents are received and, if manual processing is required, to distribute them to the correct mailboxes or to distribute the processes down to the level of individual employees via push and pull mechanisms.
fintus helps you maximise productivity in your processes and ensures the best possible response times.


Input Management