Implementation of complex
financing transactions

The allocation of large loan amounts or the presentation of complex situations such as syndicated loans poses multiple challenges for banks and cooperating institutes. The presentation of the conditions, the different dependencies and requirements as well as the individual contract components, regularly highlights the chance of lucrative projects for both participants and leading institutes, while at the same time requiring a high degree of coordination and processing.
When structuring a syndicated loan, several banks join together to form a club and use their strong bargaining position to negotiate the terms of the financing with the borrower. This situation can lead to high fees for the structuring and loan provision as well as extensive credit documentation. The opportunity here lies in reducing the initial costs and in the positioning as a fully digital institution with the best possible conditions.
Commercial financing continues to offer very high margins and is therefore extremely attractive for lenders. The question thus arises: how can the process, including the documentation of the loan, be made as convenient and efficient as possible?
Complex financing can be efficiently mapped and managed in the fintus Suite and coordinated with both internal and external deal teams at any time. By digitising the process with the fintus Suite, you optimise and accelerate the approval process, reduce risks and increase transparency. With the fintus Suite, you can keep track of the syndicated loan at every stage of the process.