The necessary digitisation of financial institutions is particularly related to the way their own employees work. Banks work with a variety of different software solutions that are not accessible from everywhere, are often outdated and require switching between other applications within one process. System care and maintenance, coupled with considerable inefficiencies that frequently require manual data transfer, are costly and diminish the efficiency of financial institutions’ day-to-day work. With fintus Cockpit, banks can provide employees with a digital workplace that displays data from different source systems clearly and consolidates the view of data, documents and processes.
The software, which can be used throughout the company, covers the entire process chain from the front office, back office and risk to the customer service centre. It displays all process data and associated documents comprehensibly and automates processes in an ideal way.
The fintus Process Engine automates repetitive tasks in the Cockpit as well as the distribution of mailboxes and responsibilities, which considerably reduces employees’ workload.
Reports provide an insight into ongoing projects and processes, giving management a reliable overview of all key figures and enabling them to make decisions. With fintus Cockpit, banks receive a digital workplace that empowers them to react flexibly to the constantly growing challenges of the financial industry.

Digital workplace