With the fintus SelfService portal, you can offer your customers 24-hour service without requiring personnel all day and night. The software solution simplifies your document management and relieves your employees by reducing the internal workload many times over while making your support for existing customers much more efficient. On the customer platform, your clients can log in to their personal area, upload or download required proofs, and check the status of ongoing processes. And all this around the clock. The chat function makes it easier to establish contact and speeds up application processes, as your service centre not only has direct access to the customer but also receives an overview of existing and missing proofs, which can in turn be requested directly from the customer.

The chat function also allows both sides to resolve queries and submit new offers. This facilitates upselling and enables your sales team to promote products from your partners. The intuitive user interface with filter and search functions as well as an attractive design in your corporate identity provide a positive user experience for the customer.

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