Modern bank customers want to do their banking when it suits them. fintus’ customer portal is a first-class white-label solution for customer contact, which enables financial institutions and customers to communicate directly via a digital platform and exchange documents in the desired and required quality – without time-consuming telephone calls and correspondence.
The SelfService portal gives customers transparency on concluded contracts and those they have applied for as well as the current processing status. The necessary documents for new financing applications or proof of existing obligations are either uploaded by the customer or requested from clients via the SelfService portal. Obligations during the product life cycle or the reaction to critical events and the resulting increased need for information are also automated, communicated to your customers, and any necessary information or documents are obtained.
In addition to the processes and communication involved in obtaining essential documents and proofs, the SelfService portal offers an ideal platform for up and cross-selling. Products can be presented in the best possible way and sold more efficiently than on the standard websites and in public areas. The SelfService portal also sustainably conserves your resources by eliminating the need for follow-up phone calls and back and forth email correspondence, while increasing transparency for your customers.

SeflService Portal