Credit decision and documentation

With the fintus Suite, we support institutions in making fully automated (secured and unsecured) loan decisions for private customers as well as for corporate customers with a wide variety of product constellations, also in combination with promotional products. The fintus Suite meets all requirements: with automated decision-making as the highlight, followed by manual decisions and multi-stage approval processes as a still necessary requirement for complex engagements.
Section 18 of the German Banking Act always poses a challenge in terms of implementation and documentation. Every new application requires research into existing claims as well as the association of possible interconnected partners. All decisive factors as well as the course of the process and the final credit decision must be monitored and documented transparently. Regardless of whether a decision was made fully automatically or manually based on the two or four-eyes principle, the documentation must always meet the highest standards. The fintus Suite consolidates all the necessary data points from the process and all leading management systems. Audit-proof, well-structured and transparent – regardless of whether automated or manual credit decisions are concerned!

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