Automating business processes

Digitising business processes is indispensable if you want to make your bank fit for the future. Automation not only saves valuable resources but also creates more scope for innovation and new products. Based on the international BPMN standard, the fintus Digital Onboarding Suite is a comprehensive software solution that covers all internal business processes, from digital onboarding and the automation platform to the processing front end. You decide which processes should be fully or partially automated. Existing BPMN processes can be easily integrated and supplemented thanks to existing templates. Additional features in the Process Orchestrator, such as troubleshooting and versioning, help to optimise these processes continuously over the long term. Regardless of whether it involves a simple change of address, complex application checks, customer legitimation or complex contract conclusion, the fintus Suite enables you to automate tedious tasks in a resource-saving and effective way.

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