lending decisions

Around 75% of German financial service providers’ loan portfolio consists of consumer loans.
The majority of credit decisions are subjectively easy to make but, from a technical perspective, nevertheless involve unnecessary personnel input. Accordingly, growth on the lending side is still too often accompanied by increases in personnel. What if a digital, networked solution could handle the manual effort of your credit decisions? You could boost turnover without having to commit additional resources.
In most cases, credit decisions are subject to clear conditions, regulatory requirements and repetitive processes. These processes can be significantly streamlined through the use of automated loan decisions based on internal and external data or information. Loan allocation is a standardised activity that can be automated. Your customers, who receive a direct decision, will be grateful for it.
This is precisely where fintus’ solutions in the field of automated credit decisions come in – they boost turnover and provide a wider range of services without any corresponding increase in resources or risk. Easily modellable processes for credit decisions, configurable scorecards, and data from the most popular and modern credit agencies and information services ensure in-house swiftness while offering a high degree of risk minimisation.

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