Digital onboarding case study

Faster, more digital, more efficient – this is how the path to fully automated application processes succeeds


Our digital onboarding customer case study shows how we used our software solutions to implement a fully digital customer experience and automated credit decisions in just a few steps.


  • A completely digital application process
  • Higher conversion rates and automated credit decisions
  • Cost-efficient case processing


  • Standardized digital onboarding with automated application review and decision, thanks to the connection to fintus’ FinTech partners
  • Centrally managed products as well as product terms and conditions in combination with the customer scorecard in the fintus suite
  • 360° case processing cockpit for non-automated credit decisions
  • Implemented products: Account opening, credit card, real estate and car financing


  • Paperless and fully digital application process
  • Shorter time-to-market for product developments
  • Strengthening the bank’s competitiveness


This mid-sized private bank is active throughout Germany. Its product portfolio is aimed at customers from the B2B and B2C sectors. In addition to traditional account models, it includes financing solutions for consumers, motor vehicles, real estate and various investment products. The bank’s existing software system was based on a core banking system that it had developed itself.

Among the digital solutions already in place, the bank included a partially digital account opening process as well as product-specific “online applications” in the form of multi-page download forms. These needed to be submitted on paper by the customer either at the branch or by mail to complete the application.

The processing of an application, including identity and credit checks, was carried out manually by a clerk and took around 5 working days before the contract was accepted. The number of new customers was low.

With the digital onboarding from fintus, creditworthiness and identity checks are carried out digitally and within a matter of seconds by our FinTech partners.

Our customer’s challenge

In addition to strengthening its own competitiveness, the bank’s requirements included the introduction of an end-to-end digital application process with automated decision-making and activation or disbursement.

The private bank’s most important goals were higher conversion rates and optimization and standardization of the credit process. On top of that, it wanted to reduce the workload of its own employees and speed up the entire application process for each of its financing solutions.

The bank’s biggest challenges included a lack of IT resources and interfaces for project implementation as well as high regulatory requirements.

The application process was slowed down by a high level of manual work resulting from regulatory requirements (compliance with the Money Laundering Act, written form requirement). Day-to-day operational workloads limited the bank’s innovative strength and, among other things, reduced the time to market for new products.

The fintus platform runs upstream of the bank’s IT systems. This means that IT effort is virtually zero. Successful applications are only transferred to the core banking system after the contract has been confirmed.

The solution: the digital application path


We introduced the standardized digital application path, which enables the bank to fully digitize and automate the application process.

Flexible product configuration within the Product Manager maps all financing solutions for the business environment and at the same time fulfills the regulatory requirements of the respective product. Also included in the application path are the central set of rules for triggering automated credit decisions as well as the interfaces for manual processing of amber cases. The application checks and decisions are made by connecting FinTech partners: digital account view, customer scoring, credit check, identity check, digital signature.

This resulted in a fully digital customer experience, including an automated credit decision, in just a few steps.

The application process in the digital onboarding

The solution: the digital workplace

All applicants with unsuccessful credit requests (yellow cases) are routed to the case processing department at the digital credit workstation. This simplifies customer care and the internal distribution of tasks, and is used to manage and execute day-to-day business, including the display of all application data, rejection reasons, documents and information from third-party sources.

The digital workplace brings all information together in a single interface. Standardized processes and information allow the operator to make individual case decisions in a split second – and at the same time enable the highest possible process reliability and documentation. Flexibly adaptable processes and rules can be quickly rolled out.

The result in figures


Completely paperless application processing


Originally 5 days processing time now run fully automated


Resource savings of up to 80 % in application processing

Outlook & follow-up projects

Thanks to the successful implementation of the initial “digital onboarding” project and the resulting savings in resources, the bank was able to launch an innovative proprietary product on the market more quickly.

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