From as little as € 149 per month and user

Our prices. Match any budget.

Get started in no time. The implementation usually takes 3 to 6 months depending on its complexity. Thanks to Software as a Service you’ll break even in less than 12 months.

1–25 users

fintus Suite:

199,- €*

per user per month plus setup

The ideal entry point for digitisation

Exploit the potential of a fully digital working environment in small teams already.

Self-Service Frontend and Mobile App

from 2.000,- €*

per month plus setup

Win and retain customers with a digital frontend and a mobile app

Supported by our web portal and Android/IOS app offering mobile document uploading and other services. Our portal is at your customers’ disposal throughout the contract period with numerous self-service options and additional offers.

OCR/ICR Analysis

0,04 €*

per page

Transparent billing per transaction

Each “page” (letter, email, fax, etc.) is analysed by the AI-based OCR/ICR. This enables individual values to be read out and assigned to a business transaction and customer data record.

26–99 users

fintus Suite:

149,- €*

per user per month plus setup

Scale your business and the performance of your operations

Benefit from short implementation times, low costs, and a guaranteed ROI.

Paperless Point of Sale

from 3.000,- €*

per month plus setup and external costs 

Contract signing, legitimation and proof of income via tablet at your point of sale

Conclude legally watertight contracts with your customers completely paperless at your POS! Features: digital signature, customer legitimation incl. its documentation, credit assessment via “digital account view”. Automated checks and no necessary rework reduce costs and inspire your customers.

from 100 users

fintus Suite:

prices on request

If you have big plans

Our consultants develop an individual implementation concept with you that enable you to fully exploit the potential of fintus Suite.

Digital Onboarding

from 5.000,- €*

per month plus setup and external costs for signature and video authentication

Because business never sleeps

With Digital Onboarding, you can rely on a paperless and legally compliant solution to increase your conversion rates.

* The prices shown here are non-binding and for orientation purposes only. Please appreciate that we can only agree on binding prices once a detailed specification phase of your requirements and wishes has been completed. The prices for installation at our customers (“on premises” or in customer environments) are also available on request. Our “Prices per user” refer to registered users (named user license model). All prices are exclusive of the statutory VAT.