Digital input management simplifies your daily work routine

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Incoming information continues to be one of the major challenges for companies. One single mail alone can lead to several tasks for different departments. For this reason, mails are sometimes still passed around manually from one department to the next for processing, although all departments could work on it at the same time. Incoming e-mails are sometimes printed out several times and then distributed manually to the respective inboxes because the respective departments work with different software systems. Most processes are largely manual, tie up valuable resources and complicate the company’s workflows. Although the only thing missing is a central frontend in which all information and documents come together. A distribution of tasks into individual, digital inboxes can completely replace paper filing. With the digital input management solution of the fintus Suite, we facilitate these processes, prevent inefficient media breaks and map the inbox structure to your liking – completely digitally, of course.

Key benefits of the input management in fintus Suite

infos dokumente und vorgaenge gesammelt an einer stelle

Everything digital

Information, documents and processes are collected in one place. Fast access saves time and money and enables better customer service.

anpassbarer software und postkoerben

Individual control

You can assign inboxes to your employees without complex configuration and organisational instructions.

individueller verteilung und flexiblen postkoerben

Work according to your preferences

No matter if push or pull principle, adapt our software to your way of working and benefit from a paperless working routine.

That's how it works title underline white banner frame banner frame banner frame Your reception transfers incoming documents and mails via scan device into the Sequencer (e-mails arrive directly) and assigns them to the respective document type, customer and process. Thanks to the BPMN processes set up in the fintus Process Orchestrator all data sets are processed, turned into tasks and transferred to fintus Cockpit. In the fintus Cockpit the information appears sorted by customer and transaction and as a task in the individual inbox of your employees now ready for processing.

One solution for everything: fintus Suite

The ideal software platform for your input management



The fintus Sequencer unifies all incoming data and documents. It allows you to assign documents to customers and prospects. In addition, it checks whether a process already exists and adds new documents for further processing in fintus Cockpit.

fintus process orchestrator


The distribution of tasks at the right time, to the right employee, is individually configured in the form of processes. The configuration is done in fintus Process Orchestrator based on the worldwide BPMN standard.

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The fintus Cockpit displays tasks, processes, incoming and outgoing documents compactly in one interface and makes the majority of your systems obsolete. As a central user interface it combines your CRM and DMS/ECM with classic core systems. No need to change between several systems, anymore – with fintus Cockpit.

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is based on three key success factors

We believe that the standardisation of all incoming channels, from physical incoming mail, to e-mails and fax, and through to digital communication via chat, social media and so on is a must!
An essential component of this is the automated assignment of document types or business transactions to interested parties, customers, dealers and other groups of people. But the more interesting part takes place behind the scenes. The background processing of subsequent processes can only succeed if all case-related information is extracted from the incoming business transactions. The information obtained for each business transaction is evaluated by our business process engine, enriched with further data, and then processed in the relevant systems on a case-by-case basis. Individual business transactions are only forwarded to experts via push routing or our frontend in exceptional circumstances. Background processing at its best!

Achieving top marks in automation and background processing depends on three essential success factors: Knowledge of the incoming document types and business transactions, process understanding, and the best possible technology for the digital processing of incoming documents. You are most familiar with the types of incoming document and business transactions while the fintus Sequencer or smart FIX covers the technology for processing the incoming information. Understanding of the process arises at the latest when you graphically model the processes in Process Orchestrator and answer the fundamental questions:

Which departments are affected?
What type of document type triggers which business transactions?
What other information from related systems is required?
Which data is necessary from incoming objects?

The aim of these questions is always to consolidate all the information required to enable a fully automatic completion of the process. Because technology is the key to automating your internal business processes.