Digital application process

From prospective client to existing customer in just a few moments!

Let your prospects decide whether they prefer to conclude a contract at the point of sale, digitally online, or a combination of the two. Save time with fully digitised processes. Regardless of whether a customer applies for an individual or group account with or without additional products, whether vehicle financing or instalment credit is desired, or whether commercial and private leasing is to be mapped – with the fintus Suite’s digital application route you achieve the highest closing rates.

The fintus Suite covers every step from the preparation of an offer, the credit assessment and online legitimation, to the digital conclusion of a contract. Flexible in design, always strong in closing, and linked to your back-office processes in reviewing and approving applications. Don’t just digitise your frontend! With fintus Suite you can also automate previous processes in Application Processing.

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Modifiable – and always successful

Adaptable to your ideas. Always with a view to the highest conversion rates.

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Fully digital?

With our partners and the fintus Suite modules!


Partners determine the individual score during the application process.

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Authentication by ID app (NFC), video legitimation or identity provider.

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Signature via PostIdent, pin/tan procedure, or digital signature.

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Credit assessment and budget calculation with the digital account check.

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Document upload for authentication and salary statement.

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Credit decision by means of graphical modelling as part of the fintus Suite.

You decide on the start: Do you prefer to already use digital rather than manual data entry? Then start with photographing the authentication documents and extracting the data. Or have your prospective clients authenticated by an external GWG compliant legitimation provider. Less Internet-savvy customers can continue to enter their data manually and be guided through the process. The entries are validated after input. Creditworthiness is confirmed by our partners, and the necessary proof of income for the expenditure account can be provided on request via psd2 account check.

Any required documents are uploaded or submitted via GDPR compliant mobile app. The OCR handles the laborious checking and recording of salary statements and identification documents. And to conclude the process, the signature just needs to be provided in a digital format: The interested party completes the application using an identity provider and digital signature, or by video identification and, if necessary, post. In the background you use the graphical modelling of your credit decision including decision tables with simulation and test tools within the fintus Suite!

We have already incorporated the most innovative companies into the fintus Suite for you. Benefit from our platform – with proven partnerships and existing interfaces. Our partners.

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From the frontends seamlessly into the backend.

From the frontends seamlessly into the backend.
Don’t just digitise the frontend, but connect and automate your backend processes with the fintus Suite, too.