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Delight customers and reduce internal effort with fintus Cockpit!

Your customers want to be able to communicate with your support over every channel. Omnichannel is the name of the game! Telephony should be avoided as a cost driver. That leaves written communication channels or the self-service platform.

In our opinion, the support of existing clients should be a strategic focus. Its automation enables further potential to be leveraged. The starting point for every consideration is the customer journey and the identification of the internal cost drivers.

The fintus Suite can automate the following for you:

  • Customer request for premature contract commutation or termination.
  • Sending or requesting collateral pledged as security.
  • Changes in master data relating to address data.
  • Requests for written confirmation of interest or balance.
  • Form-based or freehand SEPA mandate changes.

  • Modifications to the due date or the debiting interval.
  • Transfer of contracts to a third person or company.
  • Reporting of tax identification number and FATCA questionnaires.
  • Complaints and requests concerning active Schufa credit rating agency notifications.

…and many other processes in your day-to-day operations.

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Seize every opportunity to delight your customers!

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Ideally, your customer will use the fintus Suite self-service portal. It allows documents to be exchanged, forms to be filled out, or communication to be triggered. Unfortunately, customers do not always adhere to your preferred communication channels. The challenge of automating unstructured e-mails, faxes and post remains. Here, the fintus Suite takes on the role of a transformation platform. It analyses incoming communication upstream of your core systems and assigns it to a business transaction and a customer. The graphic BPMN-based set of rules decides thematically on further data enhancement or push/pull routing to your support employees for existing customers.

The fintus Suite COCKPIT consolidates all the information in one user interface: from the contract specifications, customer data, and all the necessary documents as well as any dependencies such as contracts or internal processing constellations. Data sovereignty rests with the core systems. The fintus Suite interprets the incoming information, processes the transaction automatically or serves as a centralised user interface for processing, in order to subsequently transfer the qualified data to the core system.

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fintus Benutzer-Frontend

Cockpit – the 360° view

Combine CRM, core systems, DMS/ECM, and other data sources in one user interface. Depending on the situation, the cockpit is controlled from the business layer, and does away with switching between applications.

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Background processing?

Automation starts with input management and is refined in the set of rules.

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The AI-supported OCR assigns a business transaction to the incoming information and selects the correct contract partner. New here is that the OCR reads out the complete information for the conclusion of the business transaction.


The graphically modelled set of rules recognises the right process for every business transaction in any contract constellation. The set of rules decides whether a non-machine-based clearing or background processing in the automation takes place.


In the unlikely event of a non-machine-based clearing, the fintus Suite cockpit presents all the master and contract data, documents, and relationships to other transactions.


The background handling and automated processing is successful. The success of the automation depends on the scope of your IT interfaces. Ideally, your core system already has the necessary interfaces for automation.

Learn more about document management within the fintus Suite. Benefit from the templates and predefined document types as well as the field definitions and sets of rules per document type that are required for background processing: Our document management.

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fintus Suite - self-service portal

Top service 24 hours a day. Document upload and download, quotation and contract management, forms and contact options.

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