Application Processing

Digitise the analogue! Automate the application review process.

Application reviews lasting anything from 5 minutes to 5 hours are unfortunately still the rule rather than the exception today. No matter whether it involves the checks for opening an account, credit card products, vehicle financing and leasing, construction loans, or commercial credit and financing products. With the fintus Suite, which is positioned between the application process and the core systems, you automate the unwelcome: Document checking despite a green light decision. Conditions thanks to a yellow ruling that need to be communicated to the trade or interested parties. Queries that arise during the application review. Automate your everyday application processing with the fintus Suite!

The digital application process, document upload, communication via e-mail, and incoming paper documents (converted via Early Scan) can be easily automated with fintus Suite’s central and graphically modellable process platform. We provide pre-configured processes and templates for the most common financial products. The fintus Suite automates the processes with the available application data, communicates with third parties, and is presented to the user in a 360-degree cockpit. Eliminate unnecessary activities and concentrate on your growth with the fintus Suite!

50% less effort
from the 3rd
month onwards

Automated work
instead of research

Low implementation
effort and
short duration

1 frontend for all
checks, communication
and documentation

yellow diagonal line fintus layout
bpmn 2.0 Darstellung

Model processes and score cards graphically

Model processes graphically, manage them centrally, and connect them to IT systems. Joint processing instead of division between the specialist area and the IT department. Low code instead of complex interfaces – standardised thanks to BPMN and DMN.

lower line red fintus layout

Standard instead of in-house development

Success thanks to process know-how and one platform!

Piktogramm Dokumentenerkennung fintus

Transforming and automating
incoming documents
into their constituent parts

Piktogramm BPMN fintus

Set of rules for the credit decision,
the requirement of conditions,
and the distribution of work.

Piktogramm Dokumentenpruefung fintus

Predefined sets of rules
for the verification of documents
and feedback from external providers.

Piktogramm OCR fintus

Automated communication
– rather than a monolithic system.
The solution for ad hoc communication.

Despite widespread digitisation and the desire for complete automation, there will always be processes requiring manual input. The fintus Suite also opens up potential here: As a central interface, it provides a platform for the experts in application processing. The fintus Suite provides interfaces to all applications involved and unites the necessary information.

yellow diagonal line fintus layout

Documents, quotation details and opportunities, all data at a glance:
in Cockpit!

fintus Suite’s Cockpit combines the complete application processing in one central interface. Tasks are intuitively automated and presented to the user. Notes, important information, documents and opportunities thus accelerate processes that were previously carried out manually.


fintus Benutzer-Frontend
lower line red fintus layout