Everyone needs a mission in life

This is ours

Because instead of just talking about it we are automating and digitising the financial industry

With our cloud-compatible enterprise software, we digitise, optimise and automate the business processes of financial institutions and service providers. We support established and new market participants in transforming, networking, and automating their everyday processes and information. In the future, no one will ever perform simple tasks that modern automated IT systems can process more efficiently.

With fintus Suite, it is possible to digitise and automate the entire operative processing. We offer companies in the financial sector the safest and fastest way to digitised business processes and optimal networking. We are a living example to our customers of these advances, facilitate the transformation of their companies, and accompany them through the change processes.

Benjamin Hermanns CEO

Vision Mission

Tobias Rentsch CTO


Our values

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Willingness to learn

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Ability to scale

The heads of fintus

Management team

fintus management team

Benjamin Hermanns

Founder and CEO

Benjamin Hermanns, born in Göttingen, completed an MBA program at the Frankfurt School of Finance. He is passionate about changing and digitizing the financial industry. He founded fintus in 2016 together with Tobias Rentsch and EXCON Services. Prior to this, he spent 8 years as the general manager of a renowned scanning service firm digitising companies in the financial industry. His chief aim with fintus is to make a contribution to a worker-friendly digitisation of the business world.

Tobias Rentsch

Founder and CTO

Tobias Rentsch, born in Passau, is the technical brain behind fintus Suite. After studying computer science in Munich, he discovered document management as the first step in the digitisation of companies, and systematically further developed his thoughts on the subject. The knowledge on banking world processes he gained over the years was put to good use in designing the architecture of the software we use today. His overriding passion is evaluating modern technologies and providing the best technical solution for all challenges that arise.

Stephan von Hammel

Chief Sales Officer

Stephan von Hammel, born in the northwest of Germany, started his career in sales immediately after graduating in technical computer science. He has been living with his family in the Rhine-Main area since 1997, where he has accompanied the financial industry from its technological beginnings to the cloud for a variety of global corporations. Stephan’s goal is to establish fintus as the banking and operations platform in the German-speaking world – and to drive expansion into other European countries.


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